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Omer Dushek (PI)
Anna Huhn (D.Phil student, joint with Anton van der Merwe)
Ashna Patel (D.Phil student, joint with Mike Dustin)
Jose Cabezas Caballero (D.Phil student, joint with Anton van der Merwe & Mark Howarth)
Jake Burton (D.Phil student)
Sofia Bustamante Eguiguren (D.Phil student, joint with Anton van der Merwe)
Violaine André (D.Phil student)
Michael Barton (Postdoctoral fellow)
Jesús Siller Farfán (Postdoctoral fellow)
Mikhail Kutuzov (Postdoctoral fellow, head of SPR facility)

We are always interested in hearing from scientists interested in joining our laboratory.

Local collaborators:
We work with the laboratories of Philip K. MainiP. Anton van der Merwe, Michael L. Dustin, and Simon J. Davis.

We are part of a wider community of molecular immunology in Oxford that regularly organises local molecular immunology meetings.


Group Photo, October 2020
Jesús, Omer, Violaine, Johannes
Misha, Jake, Anna, Frauke
Ashna, Dan

Group Photo, October 2019
Left to right: Marion, Ashna, Anna, Misha, Jesús, Violaine, Johannes, Olin, John, Enas, Jake, Rob

Group Photo, October 2018
Left to right: Omer, Misha, John, Violaine, Philipp, Stephanie, Nicola, Enas, Johannes, Jesús, Marion

Group Photo, June 2016
Left to right: Federico, Enas, Philipp, John, Nicola, James, Citlali, Omer

Molecular Immunology Symposium
July 18, 2016

Molecular Immunology Symposium
April 30, 2013