One of the major challenges in molecular immunology is no longer to identify new molecules but to understand the interaction networks that the identified molecules form. We are directly addressing this challenge by using quantitative molecular and cellular experiments combined with mechanistic models to understand the complex signaling networks underlying lymphocyte activation with the aim of exploiting this knowledge for the benefit of human health. You can find out more about our work on the Research and Publication tabs and we are always interested to hear from excellent scientists interested in joining the group.


We are located in the Oxford Molecular Pathology Institute (OMPI) within the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology (SWDSOP). We have extensive collaborations with the Centre for Mathematical Biology (CMB).


We are offering a D.Phil project (PhD) in the departmental studentship competition (also see the studentships tab)


Some keywords: immunology, lymphocytes, T cells, T cell receptor, antigen recognition, cancer, signal transduction, systems biology, computational biology, mathematical modeling, biophysics, protein-protein interactions, post-translational modifications, specificity.